What is Ladera?

Ladera in Timnath is an exciting, 240-acre mixed-use project that will include regional retail, mixed-use residential, hospitality, entertainment, fitness, and other mixed commercial uses. Ladera includes over 130 acres of usable land and more than 100 acres of natural areas, trails, and multiple lakes.

How will Ladera positively impact Timnath in terms of employment opportunities and revenue?

• Ladera will generates $116M in property tax for Poudre School District over the next 25 years.
• Ladera will provide over 100 acres of natural areas, lakes, and trails at NO cost to residents.
• Ladera initiates improvements to Main Street (CR5) and Kechter Road.
• Ladera brings convenient restaurants, retail, and recreation to town.
• Ladera will generate $219M in sales and property tax for the Town and its residents over the next 25 years.
• Ladera will provide neighbors and resources for the impactful nonprofit Respite Care, and potential neighborhood housing options for the Respite Care staff and families.
• Ladera will generate over $200 million in sales tax revenue over the first 25 years. It will produce millions of dollars in annual property tax revenue. The development will provide employment opportunities across various businesses including retail, restaurants, property management and offices.

Where is Ladera located?

The property is located south of E. Harmony Road (just south of the Costco), east of Interstate 25, west of South County Road 5, and north of Kechter Road.

Who owns the property?

The property is owned by Connell LLC, a local, family-owned company with longstanding ties to Timnath and Northern Colorado. The property has been owned by the Connell family since 2000.  The Connell family and its family-owned companies have been part of the Northern Colorado community since 1959.

How does the Ladera project align with the Town of Timnath’s Comprehensive Plan?

Dating back to 2013, Ladera is entirely consistent with the Town’s comprehensive plans. It designates the Ladera property as Employment/Regional Commercial. Ladera is planned in the right location, along I-25 near Costco and Walmart. It will be an economic generator while maintaining the Town’s character by focusing growth along the highway and away from Main Street.

How will Ladera impact traffic in the area?

Ladera will contribute to traffic improvements on Main Street (LCR5) and Kechter Road. 

The traffic study shows that levels of service will remain consistent despite the addition of Ladera’s amenities for residents. Connell LLC recently paid for and completed the extension of Weitzel Street to Main Street (LCR5), thus serving as another point of ingress/egress to Ladera and Costco to ease traffic congestion. Connell LLC will continue to move forward making additional on- and off-site traffic improvements to account for future development as the development unfolds.

How does Ladera contribute to the character of Timnath?

Of the 240-acre mixed-use development, there are over 100 acres of open space including paths, natural areas, and lakes.  In addition, each developed lot will have its own site-specific landscaping.

The property has been zoned Employment/Regional Commercial. It is slated for development in Timnath’s growth management plan for over 20 years and Timnath never planned for the property to be a natural area.  Ladera means “shift in perspective.” Ladera in Timnath is proud to embrace the physical beauty of Northern Colorado by replacing a gravel property with a thriving development that includes a lake, welcoming greenspace, and a place for people to call home.